The AP (Advanced Placement) Program at QSI Shenzhen


QSI Shenzhen offers the College Board’s Advanced Placement program. Unlike the IB Diploma Program, the AP program is an a la carte approach, where students who are qualified and ready can choose to take these university-level classes in a certain subject. AP courses are taught over one year, with a final exam in May. The course is university-level both in content and pacing, so students who choose the challenge of AP should be prepared to work at a brisk pace, and perform as a college student would be expected to.

Students taking AP classes at QSI earn 10 units towards graduation. No additional points are awarded to a student’s GPA for taking AP classes. The final exam is scored by the College Board from 1–5, with scores of 3, 4, and 5 being regarded as “passing” by most universities. Many universities award college credit for high AP scores, or allow students to skip foundation-level courses when they begin as freshmen at a university.

QSI encourages all students who are prepared to do so to take one or more AP courses in their Secondary I and II years, even if they choose to begin the IB Diploma Program in their Secondary III and IV years. Taking an AP class is challenging, and shows universities that a student can work at a university level at an early age. AP courses also prepare students for certain IB courses.

AP courses are typically recognized by American universities, but universities worldwide acknowledge the AP program as one of rigor and challenge.

AP courses offered at QSI Shenzhen (2018):

AP Human Geography

AP World History

AP U.S. History (online through QSI Virtual School)

AP Macroeconomics (online through QSI Virtual School)

AP Literature and Composition (alternates yearly with AP Language & Composition)

AP Chemistry

AP Environmental Science

AP Calculus AB

AP Statistics

AP Computer Science

AP Chinese

AP Studio Art