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Jacky Michaels
Senior Lecturer - Marketing
John Doe
Professor Of Economics


December 23, 2015 - 3:00 pm


December 23, 2015 - 8:00 pm


Bentley Campus, Perth, WA   View map

Erisman started working at Alibaba right after the tech bubble burst, and stayed there for more than eight years. He asked for Ma’s blessing before embarking on his journey to make the film, with the stipulation that the film would tell Alibaba’s story totally from his point of view, with no involvement from the company, highlighting not just its successes, but all the mistakes as well.
Ma gave him the green-light and over the next three years Erisman traveled around the world tracking down more than 200 hours of footage from 35 different sources and stitching it together. When he eventually showed Ma the finished product, his old boss was hard to read.
“I really couldn’t tell what his reaction was,” Erisman said. “I felt like he didn’t love it but that he didn’t hate it. I think that he thought it was fair.” About a year later, Ma called him up and asked if he would be willing to show it at the 10th anniversary of Taobao, Alibaba’s eBay-esque e-commerce site.





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Dear QSI community

After careful consideration of all the variables, we have decided to delay the start of face-to-face instruction to March 2, or possibly later. The physical school will be closed until March 2 but online instruction continues. We wanted to give you this information as soon as we could to help you plan.

Distance education has become the world-wide standard for schools to continue instruction during times of crisis. While not perfect, it is the best method available to meet our children’s learning needs at this time. I know that many private and public schools are now trying to develop this program. We are fortunate to have a well developed program in place and to have made it available on 3 February. I am very proud of our teachers efforts. They are working full time to try to meet your children’s needs.

Please continue to work closely with your child’s teacher. We will continue to fine tune our program. We do understand that it is particularly challenging for the younger students and their parents. All we can ask during this time of crisis is to do your best. We will continue to do our best.

Thank you for your understanding and please stay safe and healthy. I will send updates as new developments occur.